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The East Indies Co. was founded in July 2008. Currently based at Providence Industrial Estate on Mahé, the East Indies Co. offers a diverse selection of old world and new world wines from South Africa, Australia, Spain, Chile, New Zealand, France and Italy. We also offer a wide variety of classic and new-age spirits and liqueurs.

We represent key brands in both the wine and the spirit industries and we add value to these brands by providing services such as on-site training, wine tastings, delivery and a personalized post-sales service that has never before been offered in Seychelles.

With over 100 years combined experience in the wine and spirits industries between its shareholders, the East Indies Co. intends on promoting a unique and dynamic offering to the Seychelles market that will raise the standards for the Seychelles wine and spirits industry to a new level. 

Who we are

We passionately and proudly represent and build long-term value for well-known international and regional brands of cider, spirits and wines, through mutual beneficial relationships, hands-on and personalized service, using our world class storage facilities and efficient delivery capabilities.

We obsess over the small details and our executional excellence sets us apart from others and make us a company that has built successful long-term partnerships with brand owners, customers and business partners.

We are a progressive and dynamic business committed to transparency and integrity in all we do and say and have a team that is tenaciously focused on the Seychellois consumer and trusted by all who engage with us.